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Anchors Away!


They say when haunted by a Ghost, there is only one way to get rid of it – accept it’s presence and then release it.

Life is similar. When our worst fears materialize, we need to accept reality and then move on. The fear will eventually diminish. Yea, it’s easier said than done. That’s why I’m saying it. It’s also easier to say it coz I’ve done it. 12.12.12 the date I thought I’d pull up the anchor and sail aboard ‘happily married’ to Wifedom. Too bad it didn’t happen, on my decided date. Too good it didn’t happen, till date. You see Life keeps telling us, “you are happy, wherever you are”. Too bad we are busy looking the other way. Wondering where the hell is the boat? Did I miss it? Guess what? You haven’t. Maybe because the Captain ain’t ready. Or maybe because he died on his way to the Harbour (yes, not everyone is made for someone. If they were, we wouldn’t have the crazy cat lady). You can call me sadist or cynical. I’m neither. I’m the eternal optimist. So what if I cannot be happy always. Who is? No, one one is, not always. Not every time.

So im gonna set sail on that boat either ways. What the fun in having a boat and not bumping it off some rough waves? The Captain be damned! I’ll not gonna only pull the blessed anchor away, but order full steam ahead. Change the name to ‘happily single’. after all, I’m Alice. No anchor, no date can keep me down. So what if i cannot be happy always? I’m gonna try and be. And that’s something right. Worse comes to worse, i’d atleast have an adventure out of it. What a story would that be now!

!Happy 2013!


There will always be a Choice!


{Dedicated to all my girls}

20 something and still contemplating tying the knot … my two options – to get married or not.

As some of you may gulp and think of how sad life might be and the absolute possibility of me living alone, dying alone, no one knowing what happened, till my corpse would be discovered – a week later (lets make it a month!); I beg to differ.

Who said a women has to get married, raise kids, make them study, wash tea cups and wash smelly socks? Or is it that only I have graduated to the 21st century?

I think (atleast assume) that single life will be great! I will tour the world, sun bathe in Barbados, shop at Lafayette, eat French Macarons, maybe even meet Mandela. Who knows, life is always full of surprises. I could always turn Jolie and adopt kids or have my own (dont exactly need a man, now do I?)

On the other hand, I think I would (atleast assume) love to wash tea cups, chase my kids around the backyard, teach them how to take care of their dog, bake for my hubby, and have a family holiday in Bahamas… Oh well, maybe just go down the road to Safa Park.

Oh! How I hate Choices!! Why do we have to choose to be miserable and feel happy about it or be happy and feel miserable about it?

I guess our Choices are what we become…

Many a times, we wish for the things we never had and maybe never will… and in all this wishful thinking, we forget to celebrate what we have. For Tomorrow will come and so will it’s best friend – Worry. We do not control them or Time… but what we do control is our reaction, our choices, yes, there will always be a choice … so, I guess, I will choose what I want when Tomorrow comes … not gonna blame my past situations for the choices I made then … it wasn’t the circumstances that made us … it was the choices we made…

I’m not the type to leave a quote at the end of my message, but since there was no video cool enough … here are some words of wisdom… courtesy Osho

Rejoice now ,
because if there is tomorrow,
you will be able to rejoice more deeply.
If there is no tomorrow, who cares!
We have rejoiced already!



Love Aajkal


They say that as you grow older, you start losing your hair, teeth, old friends, maybe gain a few new, younger friends, if you are rich enough. But never did I realize, that you lose your feelings too. (No, no, I’m not talking about loose feelings … it’s lose feelings … as in lost :P)

Any ways, so Im not implying that you become cold hearted, or maybe if you are an 80 year old who refuses his granddaughter his coin collection, then you might just be cold hearted enough. But what I really mean to say is that you become Chuck Bass types, as you grow older (I know! He’s oh! SO HOT!) i.e. you dont feel a thing. Maybe jumping from a building, crashing your bike on a long winding road or hiring people to hurt you and stop at nothing, might make you feel the pain that you wanted, but is the pain enough? Is it this endless pain that will help you feel what you want to feel? Is it the overpowering feeling of self loathing that will help you forget the mistakes of the yester-years?

Or is it that you forget the mistakes of the first date when he sends you a text the next morning, just to say … G’morning? Oh, yes, I did partially burn the clothes i wore that day. Partially because the fire alarm went off and i had to drown them in the sink immediately. Thanks for asking btw 🙂

Why is it that you suddenly start getting butterflies in your stomach when you meet that TDH man for the gazillionth time? Why is it that we can endure all the pain and sadness that the world shoves our way, without breaking down? But we cannot hold overselves together when that oh! so unimportant person glances our way or sends us a ‘hello’ text or two?

Are we truly turning into a new breed of humans in relationships? If not, then why we cannot gather the courage and sincerity to be bonded in a committed relationship? Why is it that what was good for our fathers and our forefathers is no good for us today? Why doesn’t Love at First Sight exist anymore? Why doesn’t the guy love the girl, who is standing in front of him and asking him to love her? When did all this get so complicated?

Maybe it always was. Maybe we anrt a new breed. Just the old one and a tad bit cold hearted. Or maybe more practical. Cause after all, we all have grow up, grow older, grown out. Oh! grown soo out of love. Love – seems like a feeling/expression/intoxication so extinct that it lives only in children’s fairy-tales now.

So maybe this is me asking, yes, for my fairy-tale and this is me wanting every bit of it. I don’t want no pain no more. I don’t want to take a bullet though my heart no more. I don’t want to live in a world without love no more. Even though, it means living in a children’s book, for the rest of my life. Atleast this way, instead of running around town like a headless chicken, trying to find my Mr. Right, I know I will find my Beast and live happily ever after…


is Happyness overrated?!


I once read these words

 She may have the most successful job, that may not necessarily be paramount ,however being happy and get along with me and family around me is very important.

and they make me think, how do I know when I’m happy?

Is it when I’m smiling and showing my ‘not so’ pearly white teeth? (well, atleast they arent yellow like a cow)

Or is it when I’m content? satisfied? achieved smthing in life?!

Or is it like the Raw Food movement? – no one understands what it really is, but everyone wants it! hmmm could be that. Otherwise there better be some damn good explanation why no one seems to digest happyness very well!

my side of the story: there isn’t a single person who can see you happy (expcept parents ofcourse, but thats a whole different angle, for a different day)

They ALL want you to BE happy, but just cannot see you in this state! Its like they got dust up their eyes, so they blow some (read a lot) of their dust (read dirt) in your direction. and oh! did i mention you are wearing Valentino?

And you must be wondering; what my point is?

My point is this: Sometimes its an emotinal Valentino, it makes you feel fabulous within, even thou u dont look so on the outside. but when the big crazy world comes attacking you, for something that makes you happy, you stop and wonder… Am I really Happy? or am I in a presumption that Im Happy? Coz the big crazy world that I do give a damn about thinks I have just commited a crime, or worse yet, purchased something fake!

Is happyness SO overrated, that I could be imagining to be happy?

And if I am truly Happy (and not just in my big air-head), then why is there such a big commotion outside my window?!