Today I don’t feel like doing anything


I woke up 2 hours ago, that is at 4am. No, I’m not a morning person. I wake up against the will and wishes of my bed as there are places I have to be at and things that I have to do.

But today I don’t feel like doing anything.

Not because I’m lazy but because I’m tired. We live in a world that is extremely demanding. Have you done this? Have you done that? Yoga? Gym? Flower arrangements ? Laundry? Pammi Aunty ko phone kiya? It’s crazy. It truly is. Every person expects you to be superman. When all you want to do is catch a good surf.

I often wonder why people have expectations from us? Is it because they feel the need to make us feel that we need to be some one? Or be doing something ‘worthwhile’ with our time? Or are they so needy, that they need us to be there for them and be doing things that they cannot themselves do?

Why is it that people have such great expectations from us?


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