De rerum natura


“And that’s the nature of things”. I remember my Dad saying this to me on two occasions and I wish to never forget how it rang a bell; multiple bells; when he said it. It’s like a tube light that went on inside my head.

De rerum natura

We are always so consumed by our own thoughts of what is right, not right, what is and isnt. What should be and should not be. We forget a simple rule. No fingers are alike. Yet, when we look for companionship or friendship, we first always assess common grounds. Unfamiliar territories are mostly never explored, or ventured into unwilling.

I pause to think about it. make a mental note to remember to never forget it and not blow my lid every time. With peace made with thyself, I continue to do my yoga… And then I feel the more yoga I do, the more angrier I get. It’s good, because then Im angry with me, for not trying to accept people as they are… Accept Things as it is… Accept fate, accept destiny. Accept and not fight it. By then class is over. What I do take back home is a happier me, thankful for the wisdom, thankful for parents such as mine, only to return the next day, with the same dilemma.

Why can’t people be more like me? Why can’t things be the way I want them to be?

Yes, The most fun I’ve had is with people who are exact opposite to me, at times and in situations which were beyond my control (I’m a very controlling person!). I do blow up my lid every now and then when I didn’t get what I wanted or when people didn’t behave/ react the way I wanted them to. I try and remember what my dad said, “and that’s the nature of things”.

And then I secretly wish my Dad never told me that…


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