The Solitary Reaper


{Dedicated to The Buddhist … “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”}

They say being solitary is often a sign of weakness. An indication to those willing to join forces with you, to be ware. A hermit, some may call, an anchoret, the others. The reaper is judged for existing this way, for there must be some reason, why one chooses to be this way. A scandal is what they are looking for so they can gossip about, sitting by the pool in a fur. Hoping that it (scandal) be better then their own so they can escape and be society’ own.

But my dear friend, they (the world at large) are nothing but noise, laughing, frolicking at other’s fortune, believing it to be misfortune. It is a choice, a tough, often option less choice, yet a choice, to exist in solitude. To chose not to be or to be, is after all a choice too. (Yes, it really is a choice.) Because the Noise around us likes being loud and enjoys screwing its point right into our brain, we often are forced to hear it out, if not listen. And at this point, we would have concluded that something maybe wrong within, after all! Right you are, the point is wrong, absolutely!

The Solitary Reaper does not need people to be confident for he knows he is a valuable person, on this own. The confidence comes from within, when he learns that he is braver than he believed and stronger than he seemed. Being in solitude with one’s self is a remarkable force in itself. It requires a lot of courage and with time, it only makes you stronger, independent of the Noise and at peace with yourself. Solitude teaches you not only to be your best friend, but also to observe mundane things in an unconventional way, in a new light. Above all, solitude gives you the luxury of being alone with your thoughts. So appreciate the silence, talk to that inner voice, and see where all it leads you! This is my promise to you, my friend, the new place where you will stand next, is nothing short of an adventurous journey. Cherish the moment that you are in now, for this will be the pedestal for all your future happiness.

So hold your head, nor high, nor low, but richt between your shoulders. Remember there is no rhyme nor reason to exist in solitude except that solitude is positive. Fill your self with it and you will see that you light up the path, on which you walk alone.

P.S. you know where I will be, when disillusion replaces your light within.
look into your soul, for that is where I will be, your inner voice, who also walks alone.


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