From Bombay … With Love


They say Bombay is always a bustling city… no time to sleep, no time to eat, no time. Period. People are always running about … from point A to point B. I differ.

Just one sec. If you are reading this to know about the origin of Bombay or which galli has the best chaat food, where to shop from, blah blah bluh, then i’d request you to kindly kalti marofy, if you so may kindly oblige. Thank you!

Right moving on …

So, I differ. Bombay is not a bustling city! please! It’s THE BUSTLE! Not the frame to support and expand the fullness of the back of a woman’s skirt rather the noisy, full of excitement bustle. Yes, its so loud that your ear drums may go dhum dhum as does my Nephew. Ofcourse there less noisy places and if you, like yours truly, love the shaanti and would like to get rid of the jikh-jikh then you may read on …

The first place I love to visit is no doubt the Gateway of India. Truly a landmark, marking everything that followed during the Raj. 

Leaning on the wall, watching the waves slapping the wall, at times rising above the wall… listening to the birds chirping, vendors pursuing tourists and natives, alike, to take portrait pictures with the Gateway in the background. I turn around and watch people passing. Some Goras cover the distance from The Taj to the Gateway in a Horse-drawn tonga. I’m not sure if they are thinking it was a good thing that they left, or are they regretting that the Aam Janta has learnt much more that they hoped for?

With the thought still in my head, I turn to the Buddha, well I mean the music of Buddha Bar available at The Rhythm House. The one place where you can get any kind of music, be it classical, neo-classical or the latest hip-hop. Pure relaxation.

<I may continue this post some other day, for now, Sidney Bechet has started playing, and attention must be paid!>


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