There will always be a Choice!


{Dedicated to all my girls}

20 something and still contemplating tying the knot … my two options – to get married or not.

As some of you may gulp and think of how sad life might be and the absolute possibility of me living alone, dying alone, no one knowing what happened, till my corpse would be discovered – a week later (lets make it a month!); I beg to differ.

Who said a women has to get married, raise kids, make them study, wash tea cups and wash smelly socks? Or is it that only I have graduated to the 21st century?

I think (atleast assume) that single life will be great! I will tour the world, sun bathe in Barbados, shop at Lafayette, eat French Macarons, maybe even meet Mandela. Who knows, life is always full of surprises. I could always turn Jolie and adopt kids or have my own (dont exactly need a man, now do I?)

On the other hand, I think I would (atleast assume) love to wash tea cups, chase my kids around the backyard, teach them how to take care of their dog, bake for my hubby, and have a family holiday in Bahamas… Oh well, maybe just go down the road to Safa Park.

Oh! How I hate Choices!! Why do we have to choose to be miserable and feel happy about it or be happy and feel miserable about it?

I guess our Choices are what we become…

Many a times, we wish for the things we never had and maybe never will… and in all this wishful thinking, we forget to celebrate what we have. For Tomorrow will come and so will it’s best friend – Worry. We do not control them or Time… but what we do control is our reaction, our choices, yes, there will always be a choice … so, I guess, I will choose what I want when Tomorrow comes … not gonna blame my past situations for the choices I made then … it wasn’t the circumstances that made us … it was the choices we made…

I’m not the type to leave a quote at the end of my message, but since there was no video cool enough … here are some words of wisdom… courtesy Osho

Rejoice now ,
because if there is tomorrow,
you will be able to rejoice more deeply.
If there is no tomorrow, who cares!
We have rejoiced already!




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