Number 1 is not a lonely number … Its Numero Uno


Of all the times we rode the pack

I would look back

to this day when I sit on my sack

and think about the things my life lacks


So I thought and thought till i could think no more

And for the benefit of the days in the future

I decided to put pen to paper

Yes, I did put pen to paper first :p


So here it is, my fellow travelers down the ‘I come home to an empty house’ lane,  the advice from not so wise but remotely experienced. Be it holidays, a long weekend or two whole years, stick to the numbers below and you will never be the lonely number again:

1. Don’t think you are alone. Sounds lame, I know! And if you find a better way, let me know!

2. Go all out with the food. Make those cookies that you always wanted to bake. Make those yummy chakris on Diwali day and the best part ~ you get to eat them too!

3. Decorate the house, light those scented candles, put out those lights, bring out the rangoli colors. Emblazon your life!

4. If you are lazy to do #2 and #3, then go crash at your friend’s place. I’m sure there is always some extra food around during festivals/long weekend and if you do make it a habit, over two years, I’m sure they will always have a place for you at the table.

5. If all your friends are out-of-town, or if that’s what they tell you, then go crash your neighbour’s house! oh do not forget the box of sweets! who can resist free sweets? esp. if they are Sindhi! 😉

6. Go watch movies, at least 6 of them. And if they are anywhere as awesome as The Adventures of TinTin and Johnny English, you’ll have a legendary time at the Cinema!

7. Go for the longest ride, be it a road trip, a bus trip, a metro ride, but not a cab ride; for obvious reasons.

8. Get your passport a nice passport holder from Accesorize and go to your nearest airport and ask for the next flight out of Dubai. doesnt matter if you don’t have a visa for that country or you don’t have the money to support your impulsive compulsive decision, but it will be a great story to tell your friends when they return from Timbuktu (it is a real place btw)

9. If nothing else works, come home! We will pull up the foot rest, watch HIMYM and sip hot cocoa with marshmallows 🙂

10. Forget about everything I just said or rather you read! You’re awesome! Just like Barney! So go spread some of that awesomeness in a third world country! 😀

So my fellow travelers down the ‘I come home to an empty house’ lane, no matter what the situation is, there is always a way to spice/ease/live things. Dont let the memories of your -1’s haunt you, rather use their absence as an excuse to emblazon the situation with +1’s and still counting!

Happy Holidays! 🙂

P.S. You can always replace the cocoa if things get worse, or even if they don’t. Ah, replace it anyways! Sleep will come better … even without your arms wrapped around my soul… they’ll never know … 😉

*To being Awesome*


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