Do what your Heart wants you to do


Off lately I have met a lot of people who keep throwing this line around “do what you do best”. Other versions include, but are not limited to: “do what your heart wants you to do”, “take a break, smell the flowers, feel the sunshine on your skin”….

Now close your eyes, and think of these things – sunshine, flowers in a meadow, the warmness of the sea water, smell of freshly baked lemon cake… Im sure the visuals are as good as the sound of these things. Often in life, we are so bogged down with workload, personal stuff stresses us out and no points for guessing but most of the ‘stress’ around us often finds its core within us. I find it very ironical (now) that we need to take a break to relax and feel sane, be it for a short while. The rest of the time, we are all on the track running neck to neck with each other and trying to prove our worth in today’s world.

The last time I checked I was running too and for a split second I forgot about the race and felt the sunshine on my skin. The sweat bead sparkled in the newly found light and I stopped running. I noticed the sign behind one of the runners as they lunged forward and it read “eat my space dust”. what an amazing thought! If we all are to think the same way, then for sure, we all are heading the same way! yes, we are heading out into outer space… beyond the realms of sanity. I continued standing on the race track, alone, letting the sunshine engulf me and for the first time in a long time, the smell of wet mud hit me. It felt as if it had rained … indeed it did. Somewhere, I could hear the sprinkler doing its rounds of water. I smiled and realized how alone I was standing there on the tracks. There was no one around me. Just me and my thoughts. I smiled to my self. Something I thought I had forgotten to do.

I dont have a passion for anything in my life. There is nothing to look forward to in life.  I dont have to be somewhere where I dont want to be. I dont wake up to anything or anybody. There is this emptiness in and around me and it doesn’t bother me! Infact, now, I can listen better, I can think clearly. There isn’t anything that my heart wants me to do. But it did teach me to slow down or maybe stop once in a while and enjoy the scene. So now, Its just me and my thoughts.

P.S. and it feels great!


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  1. o nice and vry tru till midway. m not sure about the rest!!!bt dis is also a way of life and it’s great to njoy d scenes around every now and then. I too like doing it and I do it frequently:D Bt I’ve a hazy glimpse of where i’ve to be!!!
    Happy writing!!!

    • Hey Sunny
      Thanks for the read. Really appreciate it
      I feel that Sometimes its best to stand back in a crowd and observe, or take a break from the materialistic world and do nothing but pick flowers in a meadow … People say that one needs to be moving or doing something all the time .. but I’d say … take a break and do nothing! I did nothing for 5 months for the first time in my life and it felt great!

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