is Happyness overrated?!


I once read these words

 She may have the most successful job, that may not necessarily be paramount ,however being happy and get along with me and family around me is very important.

and they make me think, how do I know when I’m happy?

Is it when I’m smiling and showing my ‘not so’ pearly white teeth? (well, atleast they arent yellow like a cow)

Or is it when I’m content? satisfied? achieved smthing in life?!

Or is it like the Raw Food movement? – no one understands what it really is, but everyone wants it! hmmm could be that. Otherwise there better be some damn good explanation why no one seems to digest happyness very well!

my side of the story: there isn’t a single person who can see you happy (expcept parents ofcourse, but thats a whole different angle, for a different day)

They ALL want you to BE happy, but just cannot see you in this state! Its like they got dust up their eyes, so they blow some (read a lot) of their dust (read dirt) in your direction. and oh! did i mention you are wearing Valentino?

And you must be wondering; what my point is?

My point is this: Sometimes its an emotinal Valentino, it makes you feel fabulous within, even thou u dont look so on the outside. but when the big crazy world comes attacking you, for something that makes you happy, you stop and wonder… Am I really Happy? or am I in a presumption that Im Happy? Coz the big crazy world that I do give a damn about thinks I have just commited a crime, or worse yet, purchased something fake!

Is happyness SO overrated, that I could be imagining to be happy?

And if I am truly Happy (and not just in my big air-head), then why is there such a big commotion outside my window?!


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